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Savings Rates and Terms
Effective June 12, 2004

The following accounts pay dividends quarterly:

  • Your main Share Rate of interest is 1.00% compounded daily
  • The Christmas Club Rate is 1.00% and checks are cut on October 31st
  • The Share Draft Rate is .25% and is paid on the daily balance over $200.00.

Current CD Rates are:

up to 12 months
$5000 and up
6 months
$5000 and up
12 months
$5000 and up
18 months
$5000 and up
36 months
* APY is the Annual Percentage Yield

CD dividends may be mailed to the member; added to the certificate balance or paid to the share or draft account. The penalty for early redemption is 90 days simple interest.

Members who maintain a share account balance will qualify for a “Golden Account” which entitles them to all credit union services free of charge.
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