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 + Draft (Checking) Accounts
Free starter box of checks (50 duplicates)
Interest bearing on balances over $200.00
Overdraft Protection Available
Student Accounts (parent as guarantor)
Online Application - Click Here to Apply Online
Account Application - Click Here To Download Application
Opt In Letter - Click here to Download Letter
 + Share (Savings) Accounts
Insured by NCUA up to $250,000.00
Christmas Club Savings
Kids Club and Future Freedom Club
"Share Rates" tab has current interest rates
Account Application - Click Here To Download Application

 + Consumer Loans
Overdraft Protection - Click Here to Apply
Home Equity and Home Improvement
Residential Construction Loans
Commercial Business Loans
Conventional Mortgages
New Car or Recreational Vehicle
Used Car or Recreational Vehicle
Credit Builder Loans (Signature and Auto are offered)
Credit Life and Disability Insurance Available
Loan Application - Click Here To Download Application
Real Estate Loan Application - Click Here To Download Application

 + Certificate of Deposits (CDs)
6 mo, 12 mo, 18 mo, 24 mo, 36 mo, 48 mo and 60 month CDs available
Current Rates listed in "Rates" tab
Interest can be compounded or deposited into another account

 + Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
Traditional and Roth both available
Savings Accounts
Certificate of Deposits 12 mo or 24 mo only (current rates apply)
Online Application - Click Here to Apply Online
IRA Application - Click Here To Download Application

 + Credit Cards
VISA Cards
No Annual Fee, No Hidden Fees, No Increased Rates!
14% APR-Fixed Rate
Make payments at the Cook Area Credit Union or Online Through Pay CACU Link
Online Application - Click Here to Apply Online
Credit Card Application - Click Here To Download Application
(if under 21 parent must be joint)

 + Debit Cards & ATM Cards
VISA debit (check) cards
Instant cash ATM cards
VISA prepaid debit cards-Reloadable
Cook Area Credit Union Debit (check) and Atm Cards have no fees at our ATM
Online Application - Click Here to Apply Online
Application - Click Here To Download Application

 + Safe Deposit Boxes
Small Box 3x5 - $15.00 per year
Medium Box 3x10 - $30.00 per year
Large Box 5x10 - $50.00 per year
Pro-rated if opened later in year

 + Gift Cards
Loadable one time $10.00-$500.00 with a one-time $3.50 purchase fee
Great gift option for that special someone
Use wherever Visa is accepted
CANNOT use for cash withdrawl
Approximate 6 year experation
Balances are updated daily M-F 10am, 1pm, 4:15 pm & 11pm.

 + PrePaid Debit Cards
Loadable $1.00 -$10,000 with a $6.95 one-time purchase fee
Unlimited Reloads for FREE!
Card is ordered with your name printed on it
Can use at ATM and for purchases with cash back options
Used as a replacement to Travelers Checks
$4.95 monthly maintenance fee
2 year Experation

 + Online Banking
E-Statement Opt in and Opt out available
Transfer Funds in your accounts
Request a Cashier’s Check made out to yourself
View Balances
View images of cleared checks
Print images of cleared checks
Free Money Desktop Program
Call us at 218-666-5940 to enroll

 + Online Banking Q&A;

Q.) How Secure is online banking at the Cook Area Credit Union?
A.) Naturally security is a significant concern to Internet users. Cook Area Credit Union is connected to the Internet in a way that keeps all the credit union's internal systems and member information away from prying eyes. We have used every precaution to protect your accounts. Every bit of information sent or received is encrypted, making it unreadable during transmission. We also have a firewall protecting the credit union's host computer. In addition to the systematic precautions that we have taken to ensure information security, your Cook Area Credit Union password ensures that you are the only authorized user with access to your account information. Be sure to change your password every six months or so to ensure its integrity. Keep your password in a secured place and don't reveal it to anyone. No one at the Cook Area Credit Union will ever ask for your password.

Q.)  How do I sign up?

A.)  Signing up is very easy!  Go to our main page and click on Member Login.  Once you are in the Login screen click on New User.  Fill out the information accordingly.  Information must match with your member profile at the Credit Union. If it does not work for you, this mean you need to call your MSR and update your information on file.

Q.) Can I transfer from my account to my spouse's account?
A.) You can transfer to any account you are joint on.  If you do not see the account listed please call your MSR at 218-666-5940 to set up the external account transfer option..

Q.) Is there a fee to use online banking at the Cook Area Credit Union?
A.) There is no fee to use Cook Area Credit Union online banking!

Q.) What type of browser do I need to access the site?
A.) It is recommended to use the latest version of your current browser.

Q.) How do I get a new password if I forgot mine?
A.)If you forgot password, click forgot password on the log in page, and a temporary password will be sent to your email listed on file.  If this does not work, call us to verify all of your information on file is correct.

Q.) Do I need to install any special home banking software?
A.) No, all you need is a PC and an internet service provider. If you currently have internet access you will be able to access your accounts on our Internet web site.


Q.) Can I access my account on my mobile device?

A.)  Yes! from your mobile device go to your internet/safari browser and go to our website, choose option mobile banking.  Once you are at the sign in page, click on the arrow at bottom of your mobile screen and save to your home page to create a shortcut to your online banking.  From there sign on as usual.

 + Notary Service
Free to Members
$1.00 fee to non-members

 + 24 hour ATM
Free when using Cook Area Credit Union Card
$1.50 for other financial institutions

 + Other Services Include
  • Night Deposit - Processed on the next business day
  • Free Faxing to toll free or local numbers for members
  • 2 free black and white photocopies per day for members

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