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 + Addition to Building

The remodel project will begin again!  STSPS of Cook, MN started the project back in December of 2010 and completed the addition in Fall of 2011.  At that time, we added approx 2,000 square feet to the North side of our building. This expansion was needed for many reasons - our membership had grown and we wanted to offer our members more privacy and space during all their business transactions. The addition provides you with a more quiet environment during your loan process. The remodel of the existing area is now begining this spring! Our membership has grown to 2,856 members in 2012 and our staff has doubled since the existing building was built in 1995, which shows why this project is much needed. This will provide us with additional teller windows and will create a more private area to conduct your transactions.  It will also add more privacy to the existing offices (located in lobby), seating area, and a self serve computer station to meet all your needs. The expansion that has already been finished is our second drive up (which is perfect height for trucks), additional offices (totaling 7 offices), more storage space, and a board room. Our remodel of the lobby and teller area is anticipated to begin at the end of March 2013 and a goal of being finished by the begining of May 2013.  We appreciate your patience through this process and are excited to provide our members and staff with a more efficient space! If you have further questions on the addition please feel free to contact us at 218-666-5940 or at [email protected]

 + Long Term Fixed Rate Mortgages

The Cook Area Credit Union offers long-term fixed rate mortgages ranging from 10-30 years.

We have many options available for the purchase or refinance of primary homes, second homes or raw land.

We also offer construction loans to build or remodel your home or cabin.

Please contact us for information on any of the above products or if you would like to be pre-approved at 218-666-5940 or [email protected]

To start the application proccess click on the LOAN APP tab at the top of page



 + The Edge Resort and Waterpark

The Edge Resort and Waterpark in Duluth has a program they have extended to the members of the Cook Area Credit Union. The Recreation Program they have offered will allow our members to receive discounted rates on stays at the Edge Resort and Waterpark. To receive a discount all you have to do when making your reservation is say you are a member of the Cook Area Credit Union. We recommend you bring some proof of membership. Listed below are the discounts available:

                              September-May                                           June-August
                        50% off Sunday-Thursday                            20% off  Sunday-Thursday

 25% off Holidays and School Breaks            15% off  Friday & Saturday

 15% off Friday & Saturday

Birthday Party- Get one extra child free with birthday party package

Party in the Park- $1 off per person

 * www.duluthwaterpark.com * 800-777-7925 * 218-728-3601 * 2400 London Rd Duluth, MN *

 + Look out for Scams
Please be aware that people are out there trying to make the "easy buck" and steal your account information or even your identity. Protect your account information and personal information! Verify the legitimacy of anyone contacting you. The Cook Area Credit Union will never send you an email or call you requesting you verify your account number or social security number.

Other circumstances that you should be aware of:
  • If you ever receive an email saying you won the lottery or someone in a foreign country needs your help please be on high alert.
  • If anyone sends you a cashier's check and asks you to send a portion of the funds back this is a RED FLAG that it is a scam.
  • If you receive a phone call from your credit card company needing to verify your card number do not give it to them. If you have an account with VISA, Mastercard, Discover or another credit card company they will not need to verify your card number as it should already be in their system!
  • If an email sends you to a website double check the URL address to be sure it reads correctly.
  • If you are requested to reply to an email double check the return email address to be sure it is correct.
  • If you are ever uncomfortable request to call them back. Use the number on your bill to call them back. If you cannot locate your bill go to their website and find a contact number there.
  • If you feel you need further assistance feel free to call us. We do not want your account to be jeopardized in anyway and would be glad to help you. We will do what we can to keep you posted on current scams! We can be reached at 218-666-5940 or [email protected].

 + Understanding your Credit Score

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