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In an effort to deter fraudulent activity on your debit or credit cards, we are encouraging you to use the Verfied by Visa service to register your cards.  The process is very easy and will provide you with added security.  Verfied by Visa is a service that we, The Cook Area Credit Union, will pay for, to help protect you.

Verfied by Visa is for both Merchants and Consumers.  For an example when you purchase from a merchant online who has Verfied by Visa, you would see a security box appear requesting your password.  That woudl assure that it is the true cardholder, and not someone else.  The merchant is then guaranteed that the purchase will not be rejected.  this also protects you because no one else can use your card without having your password.  If someone was to use your card without the password, we can usually recover the funds through a charge back procedure.

Even though we do everything we can to protect your cards, this does not mean that fraud will not happen. In that case, it is your responsibility to do everything you can to protect your account.  Use extra caution when entering your card information.  Only use websites that you know.

When a fraudulent transaction occurs on your debit card, in some cases we as the Credit Union could give you provisional credit to your account.  We file a fraud claim on your behalf.  In some instances you could be out the money.

If fraud occurs on your credit card the most you will ever lose is $50.  This is a guarantee by Visa.  We encourage you to use your Credit Card instead if your Debit Card  whenever possible,  since your loss is more limited on the Credit Card.  If a theif steals your Debit Card information, the entire balance of your account becomes vulnerable.  If a theif steals your Credit Card information, your losses are limited to $50.

We STRONGLY reccomend you go to and register your Cook Area Credit Union Debit and Credit Cards.  If you have any qustions feel free to contact us at the Credit Union 218-666-5940

Just a friendly remeinder to watch out for scams!  We feel it is highly important to keep reminding our members of the potential fraud that is out there to help keep your accounts safe!  The newest type of fraud is fake pop ups that happen during you online transaction… The scam is a pop up that asks you to re-enter your account information.  ALWAYS close out of any pop ups that appear and verify that the website address is correct in your internet browser.  You can also read about past scams on our news feed tab located at the top of this page.   If you ever question anything, deny information, and give us a call immedietly 218-666-5940