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Did you know you can get your monthly statement via our online banking website? You can go Green by signing up for e-statements. The average cost per paper statement is $5.00. This includes the cost of the paper, ink, envelopes, postage and the staff hours to prepare the statements for mailing. Call the credit union office today to sign up.

We have partnered with the Country Store offering to our members who are purchasing a new or used vehicle, or refinancing an existing vehicle loan at another financial institution with us, gas certificates worth up to $200.00. We have fantastic loan rates. We are discounting our already low rates by 1%. That means you could finance a new vehicle for as low as 2.99% or a used car for as low as 3.49%. If you have recently purchased a new or used car you can refinance it with us for the same low rate.

Paper savings bonds will not be sold through the credit union or any other financial institution or by mail order after December 31, 2011. You can buy electronic savings bonds online through TreasuryDirect: This move is expected to save taxpayers an estimated $70 million over the next five years. You will still be able to redeem your paper bonds at the credit union. If your paper bonds should be lost, stolen or destroyed you can have them reissued in paper or electronic form.

Fraud prevention is a serious matter. It has come to our attention that some of you may have experienced a pop up when you have visited our website. We would never ask you to enter information about your account in this manner. If this happens to you close the pop up immediately, do not enter any information. This should be standard practice whenever you are asked for account or personal information in this manner. There are always fraudsters out in the cyber world trying to get access to your information. It is always a good practice to never enter your personal information, unless you have initiated the contact.
We would encourage you to use your credit card rather than your debit card when purchasing on line. Your credit card company will give you credit back on your account for transactions you did not initiate. We have found that when you use your debit card, there may be NO credit for the transaction. We of course will credit your account, but the credit union will take the loss. These losses will have a negative effect on the credit union.